Thursday, September 24, 2020

Two Post Vertical Lifts

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Whether the application is an Automated System, Pallet Loading/Unloading, Cart Positioning, the Verti-Lift Two Post Vertical Lift offers the most in flexibility.

Automated Systems
Verti-Lift has teamed up with some of the most well respected Conveyor Manufacturers and System Integrators in the U.S. to provide automated solutions.  Whether it's case handling or pallet handling, when changing elevations, Verti-Lift has the solution. 

Pallet Loading & Unloading
The Verti-Lift Two-Post Vertical Lift allows operators to load and unload pallets from the floor with a simple pallet jack.  Additionally the units enable operators to palletize or de-palletize products at a safe and ergonomic work height.

Cart Positioning

Cart Positioning is made easy with the Verti-Lift Two Post Vertical Lift.  Simply roll the cart between the adjustable forks, and lift the cart to a safe ergonomic work height.  Several platform options are available with this unit.

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